Life @ Matrix

The Matrician Culture

Life @ Matrix

Teamwork, diversity, openness, transparency, growth and a judicious mix of formal and informal work culture – that is life at Matrix.

Matricians – yes, that’s how we refer to ourselves – thrive in an encouraging environment, with empowerment to innovate, ideate, express and deliver. There is constant and continuous knowledge and information sharing. ‘The Matrician’, our in-house knowledge sharing platform, allows employees to express professional views and is widely read amongst Matricians.

The emphasis on training and continuous domain-related education ensures that our people are always confident thereby contributing to efficiency and productivity.

Matrician Day

Matricians Day is an eagerly awaited annual event at every location. Celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy, Matricians Day propels energy and passion amongst Matricians, strengthening bonds and feelings of kinship.

An Equal opportunity for all

Matrix is an equal opportunity company and employer. We don’t discriminate people based on race, color, religion, cate and sex. We are proud to state that we have a sizeable women employees at all levels and some of them have managerial positions in the company.

Out of 1250+ employees, over 500 are women constituting 40% of the work force

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Our Associates

We pride ourselves on our management of, and relationship with, our wide network of more than 60 associates. We value this relationship very highly
– a relationship that is built on care, mutual respect and trust. We celebrate the diversity of our associates in terms of culture, capabilities and attitude because it contributes to our uniqueness and success as a collaborative organization.

The fact that most of our associates have been with us since the inception of the company is a testimony to the success of this model.

Knowledge sharing with the associates is a priority for us. Detailed process notes are shared for every assignment that is handled. ‘Amplify’, the internal newsletter from Matrix, acts as the knowledge-sharing platform between Matrix and the associates.

In addition, training programs are delivered to associates at all levels periodically, either at Matrix Head office or at their respective hubs.


In April 2023, the latest 'Matrix India Meet', or 'Maxim' for short, unfolded amidst Kerala's natural beauty. Against this lush backdrop, Associates and Managers in the Matrix family from all over the country engaged in insightful exchanges and discussions aimed at a collective vision for Matrix's growth. It was 3 days of spirited discussions on the year that was, and charting the way forward for the years to come... and of course, a lot of fun, amazing food, and bonding as a team along the Malabar Coast!

Annual Plan

Once every year, we engage the core team in a resourceful gathering. The team meets to reaffirm our values, discuss metrics/results and brainstorm new goals for the next financial year. After a participative debate and discussion with the team, we are getting ready for our FY 21-22 plan.

We are constantly looking for people with energy, passion and ideas to become part of our vibrant team. If you would like to explore the possibility of a professional relationship with us, do contact us…

Current Openings