Inauthentic Candidate Exposed!

One of our leading customers  M/s.ABC Associates (resource deployment company – Called Business Associates Company (BA))

The Problem

One of our leading customers M/s.ABC Associates (resource deployment company – Called Business Associates Company (BA)) wanted us to conduct BGV for a candidate to be deployed by them during the month of January 2022 in their topmost customer premises. We were asked to verify one component of BGV which is the prior employment of the BA deputed employee, “the candidate subject to BGV”.

The Candidate had submitted prior employment details, work experience etc from M/s. XYZ Ltd.

The Solution

As part of our regular process, we validated the profile of the prior employer XYZ ltd with certain parameters. To confirm the genuineness of MCA registration, PF registration of the previous employer XYZ Ltd. was conducted. The MCA registration revealed facts about the previous employer as 12 crores paid-up capital, which is supposed to be quite a size in nature. However, while seeing other parameters we noticed that the last AGM of the company was held only in 2010. This left a bit of suspicion to us.

The employer had registered for EPF without any submission of PF details and had submitted two addresses of the company.

The candidate being verified was drawing 5 LPA, and when we did a form 16 check, it was discovered that IT statements were not filed although it comes under the tax deduction slab.

Though there was disconnected information & the above needed to be more conclusive to us, we asked for fresh bank statements of the candidate to verify the already submitted bank statement by the candidate as part of BGV documents.

Several details & narrations in the fresh statements were deemed questionable after we validated them with several bank branches. During our research, we learned that the candidate had printed the mail the bank forwarded and submitted it with their signature and seal. However, the candidate took a printout after fabricating the narrations and then took it to the bank. The banker simply looked at the first page of the candidate's statement and then stamped & sealed it inadvertently, assuming it is as per the email content.

Great Results

We found this when we asked the candidate to forward the bank mail as-is to us to check the statement, however, the candidate refused to share stating that the same had been deleted. This led to more suspicion to us and we could also find out during the course that both the Employer and the Employee were not genuine. The Employer XYZ Ltd turned out to be a suspicious employer when we further probed on his address validation as per the candidate documents. Both the addresses of the Employer were fictitious. We could also corroborate with another candidate who came up for verification and also turned out to be a negative profile

Our Customer, the BA company M/s. ABC Associates was too happy and in turn, their customer also became our valuable customer because of this fraud that was unearthed by us in the BGV process.

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