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Trade Promotion validation is a complex process particularly in large, multiproduct, consumer companies. Trade promotions are typically of two types – those based on pricing claims and incentives and those based on displays across the outlets, be it small mom and pop shops to large format modern trade retail chains. This activity involves stitching together field based activities, particularly through audit of activities conducted by distributors and outlets to validating promotion claims made by them based on these displays, volume based activities. Seasonal activities in several consumer products further complicate this process. Some of the challenges faced in this activity include:


Complexity of Promotions

Trade promotions can be complex and involve various discounts, rebates, and pricing strategies. This complexity can make it difficult to validate the promotions accurately.


Lack of Standardization

The lack of standardization in trade promotion programs can make it challenging to compare and validate promotions across different retailers and product categories.


Data Accuracy

The accuracy of data is crucial in trade promotion validation. However, it can be challenging to ensure the accuracy of the data due to the large volume of data and the complexity of the promotions. On top of it, data flows across multiple platforms, with several versions and definitions make it very complex to manage.


Resource Constraints

Validating trade promotions can be a resource-intensive process, requiring a team with expertise in data analysis, promotion management, and accounting. Organizations may face challenges in allocating resources and managing costs. A wide presence across countries with appropriate technology support to manage the data backbone is absolutely essential to support this process.


Managing Timelines

Rapid validation of claims is extremely essential to keep the supply chains well oiled and satisfied. If this is not managed well value, accrual of claims, accuracy of accounting and even cashflows can be severely impacted. This also means complete integration of front end claim validation to backend payment and managing accrual process in a seamless manner.


Regulatory Compliance

Trade promotion validation needs to comply with various regulations, such as accounting and tax regulations. Ensuring compliance with these regulations can be challenging and may require specialized knowledge.

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