Let him do his job and let me do mine

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He was a driver for a long time in our company and a frantic and fanatic fan of super star Rajinikanth. There are millions like him yet he was unique. To understand his extent of love for 'Thalaivar' Rajinikanth, here are some titbits.

When he watches Thalaivar movies, he watches only him on the screen, he is not bothered about the movie or other characters.

When Rajinikanth's movies get released, he will keep watching it till they are off the cinema theatre. More the number of days it runs, more the number of times he watches it.

And he doesn't watch any other movies, after all, he goes to the cinema just to watch him!!! Now, this episode. One day, he was driving the car and my colleague was in the car. There was a crowd near a building on the other side of the road and he somehow knew that there was a cinema shooting going on and that Rajinikanth was there at the spot, the size of the crowd endorsed his statement. My colleague asked him if he was keen to watch his matinee idol for a while as anyhow there was no emergency to reach the destination. Spot came the reply from the driver..."No sir, he is doing his work and I am doing my work, we should not disturb the work and should not get disturbed as well." My colleague was pleasantly surprised with such a philosophy expressed by the driver, especially when the driver had the opportunity to have a glimpse of his demi God. The work ethics overshadowed adulation and a huge never-to-miss distraction. He also concluded by saying that this is what will make his Thalaivar happy too. WOW, what else. We all come across several distractions and there is a way to deal with them, it is within us. Such lessons can be learnt from many around us and the source of inspiration could be from any, from 'thalaivar' to that fanatic fan, the driver.

Lessons are around us...

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