Matrix India Meet, MAXIM 2019

MAXIM is a significant event. It is a prestigious confluence where the entire set of managers and the leadership team of Matrix come together and go through business sessions and also network and bond with fellow managers and the management team for two days. MAXIM 2019 was indeed special as this was the first MAXIM after UDS took a significant stake in April 2019.

Maxim 2019 had some of the best business sessions. On day one, three eminent speakers spoke on relevant topics followed by several internal business sessions and discussions.

As a gesture of gratitude and appreciation, Matrix recognized some of its service providers at the event. The MD of UDS group, Mr Raghunandana, was also present along with his senior management team members.

Day two was extremely special as the celebrity speaker Priya Kumar stole the show with her power talk for over 3 hours. Her speech was interposed with many inspirational stories, strong messages, plenty of humour and activities. She received a well-deserved standing ovation at the end of the session.

The entire set of Matricians who had gathered for Maxim 2019 had a great time and each one left the venue after being fully charged and motivated.

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