The show must go on

The show must go on

I was at GRT hotel, T Nagar, Chennai last evening for an important discussion with three others. It was a good relief and deviation as this was our first meeting outside the office in the last 7 months. But there is more to it. The hotel is certainly doing its best to provide a safe atmosphere and a comfortable space for the guests. The service was warm despite their own challenges and of course, we enjoyed the good eats and coffee.

The icing on the cake was the special 4-minute dance performance for Navratri by their staff. This is despite the fact that only four of us were in the lobby, sipping coffee, and involved in our discussions. The dancers were cheerful and at ease, going about their dance despite the lobby being thinly occupied. I love their passion, I respect their process and I admire their “the show must go on” attitude.

That’s the learning for us. Even amidst challenges, let’s go about what is expected of us, let’s feel enthusiastic and let’s dance in our own way, even if there is no one to watch.

I’m proud of your team, GRT. I forgot to click pictures and I will do it next time for sure.

Lessons are around us.

Posted by
P.C. Balasubramanian,
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

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