Twin Deception

Twin Deception

Case Study – Employee Background Verification

Jack and Tim are identical twins, but similar only in appearance. Jack was hard working and found a good job after passing out from college with flying colors. Tim, on the other hand, was playful and lethargic and just got along with whatever he could get. Tim too secured a job but not with a reputed company and hence his emoluments were quite low.

After working for two years in a small BPO, Jack was recruited by a large IT conglomerate.

Even after moving up in his career working for the new employer, Jack applied for a job with another large IT firm and got selected there as well.

Rather than choose one employer over another, he sent Tim in his place with all the required KYC documents in his name to the employer. Tim got selected basis the KYC documents of Jack and secured a plumb offer in the new company. This resulted in Jack getting two salaries every month in his name and the brothers had managed the show for some time.

The company had least knowledge on the impersonation till one of the companies was informed by an anonymous letter. Later a detailed background check was initiated by the company and a cross verification was also carried out in the other company. The facts were discovered. An impersonation of this kind is extremely difficult to unearth.

It took the employer a year to discover the impersonation and take suitable action.

Employee background verification should be implemented by all companies as a ‘best practice process. Human capital is so vital for any organization and the importance of a comprehensive verification and assurance cannot be diluted.

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