A clear case of Impersonation that was unearthed by Matrix verification

A clear case of Impersonation that was unearthed by Matrix verification

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The Problem

The applicant whose background we were asked to verify had applied for a position as a foreign language translator at an IT company AABB Ltd. Therefore, in accordance with the procedure, we contacted the former employer of the candidate, GXXMXX Pvt. Ltd, to seek confirmation.

The Solution

We initiated the process of verification to the HR, we received positive confirmation from the HR department of GXXMXX Pvt Ltd. Looking at the spontaneous & superfluous response, we wanted to double-check with GXXMXX Pvt ltd and reached out to the GM of GXXMXX & asked him to confirm the legitimacy of the email address through which we got the confirmation.

In line to our suspicion, we got a response from him mentioning very clearly that it is not genuine & asked us to reject it. Also mentioned that this email address wasn't associated with that company. He also mentioned that apparently there was none in the company HR department under that name and designation.

Great Results

We found out that GXXMXXX had employed the candidate's brother for at least 18 years. Unfortunately, he had recently passed away. The candidate falsified the documentation of his deceased brother and showed experience on his resume.

We discovered upon further investigation that the candidate's wife fabricated the fake credentials. A phone number was included in the candidate's HR information, and there was a perfect match between the candidate's Facebook profile photo and the HR respondent's Whatsapp display picture. We got back with all the facts to the GM, he immediately called the candidate and asked him to come in person with all of the original paperwork.

Our Customer AABB received the RED report in accordance with Matrix's (best background verification company in India) procedures. They were happy with Matrix’s effort and appreciated us.

Later, GXXMXXX Pvt. Ltd. filed a lawsuit against the applicant. Additionally, GXXMXXX Pvt. Ltd. awarded, Matrix their BGV contract after recognizing our commitment & intent of verification. GXXMXXX Pvt ltd is one of our prestigious customers.

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