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Around 5% of the candidates screened are flagged red


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People define an organization. Their integrity determines the reputation of your business in the market. With so many reports of resume fudging and misrepresentation, it is important to ensure that one is hired after proper verification. A poor hiring decision impacts business and has consequences like theft of intellectual property, leakage of confidential information, misuse of resources or questionable conduct.

All the aforementioned factors underscore the imperative need for comprehensive Employee Background Verification services to mitigate these risks and ensure the integrity of data and intellectual property across all touchpoints of a business’s value chain.

We at Matrix Business Services are pioneers in this ecosystem. Leveraging two decades of industry experience, deep expertise, and cutting-edge technology, we enable end-to-end and seamless background verification services. We work with customers across multiple business landscapes including Information Technology, Business Process Outsourcing, Manufacturing, BFSI and Retail.

Matrix Background Verification Scorecard

Number of

700 +

Number of profiles verified monthly


Number of frauds and misinterpretations detected


Standard Checks



Validation of current and permanent address



Validation of ID based on government issued documents/cards



Validation of academic credentials



Reporting any criminal/civil case filed against the candidate via



Validation of genuineness of earlier employment


Reference Check

Conducted through the reporting authority of the individual during their previous employment



Check if the candidate is subject to drug abuse. Involves various levels of tests



Track and report negative candidate's in public/proprietary database via

Special Checks


Media Check

Check if the individual has created negative publicity for his/her
ex-employer on social media



Evaluate the credit discipline of the individual



Gaps in a candidate’s employment history is verified to cross-check the cause for the gaps

The Matrix Employee Background Verification Arsenal

At Matrix, we have combined expertise with deep technology and have created multiple tools conducive to all the key stakeholders involved in the background verification process. We leverage these tools to deliver credible and transparent verification services.


Our proprietary technology tool for end-to-end background checks. A web-based application, MatEx integrates seamlessly with a client’s external system and provides 24/7 access to reports.


  • Mobile-enabled
  • SSL Comodo secured
  • Auto-generation of reports
  • Automated email/follow-ups for third-party requests
  • Periodical penetration tests to control vulnerabilities
  • Inter-operability with clients' external system through web
  • 24/7 online access to reports and status

A fully automated Background Verification tool to enable rapid verification while ensuring compliance with regulations and complete integrity of data.


  • Reduces the turnaround time
  • Reduces the efforts
  • Uses AI/ML technology
  • Seamless and Intuitively Designed
  • Spontaneously checks within 10-15 minutes
  • Helps set track records in fast-tracked cases verification

A web-based application to make prior employment verification seamless. Curated to enhance the employment verification ecosystem, Checkwork caters predominantly to employers to help them verify the prior employment status of their prospective employees directly on the solution dashboard. Checkwork automates the process of data reconciliation from the previous employer, thus saving both employers costs and time.

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  • Technology-enabled
  • Drives efficiency
  • Saves time and effort
  • Saves cost

People also ask

What is an employee background verification for employees?

Background verification for employees is a process to verify a candidate’s history criminal records, educational qualifications, employment history, credit history, and more to confirm the integrity of data submitted and to verify other credentials

How long does it take to complete a background verification?

While an online verification process that involves basic KYC parameters - court history, database, and ID verification—can be done instantaneously, a detailed employee background check takes at least 15 working days.

Online verification will be done instantaneously (KYC checks like Court, Database, and ID)

A comprehensive background verification will take 15 working days

How much does an employee background check cost?

The cost depends upon the parameters meant for every candidate. The costs are very nominal considering the value the hirer gets. The pricing also depends upon the volume and longevity of the contract. For inquiries, we can be reached out and we shall share the information based on the inputs we get.

What is disqualifying on an employee's background verification?

  1. Discrepancy in Education/Employment history
  2. Wrong information provided in their resume or inconsistencies
  3. Criminal history
  4. Bad references from previous employers
  5. Poor credit history
  6. Failed drug test
  7. Poor driving records in some cases

What are the benefits of employee background verification?

1. Enhance recruitment quality

employee background checks directly correlate with the quality of talent and people that enter your workforce. Hiring reliable candidates is a key goal in any hiring process and comprehensive employee background checks can ensure this goal is met. This process in turn reduces attrition by minimizing the churn of bad candidates from the organization.

2. Minimise hiring risks

The risk of a bad hiring decision is ultimately borne by the organization and could prove detrimental to an organization’s data health, financial health and credibility. In order to minimise hiring risks, detailed background verification becomes imperative, especially in domains such as BFSI, IT Services, Manufacturing and more where data integrity plays a critical role.

3. Enhances regulatory compliance

A third-party background verification company can assist your organization in developing screening solutions in accordance with not just industry standards but also state and federal regulatory requirements.

4. Improves workplace safety

Just as bad hiring affects data integrity and financial health is also directly impacts workplace safety. As an employer, it is essential for all organisations to ensure optimal workplace safety and detailed background checks can help identify potential threats for the workplace and weed them out before they pose any risk to the organisation

How do background verification companiesconduct employee background verification?

A Workflow diagram of how background checks happen in Matrix

(A Workflow diagram of how background checks happen in Matrix)

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