CEO designate furnishing fake degree certificate

The Problem of Too Much

One of our customers who went for an acquisition wanted to conduct BGV on the CEO of the acquiring company.

The profile of the CEO was ‘Bachelor of Science’ from a prestigious university, Masters in Management from another reputed business school. He also comes along with 20 years of experience from various companies.

While verifying his education documents, It was evident that he has not completed beyond the second year in his under graduation and he has failed in the second year (all subjects). Furthermore, when we checked his post-graduation, we received confirmation as “the documents produced are not genuine”. On further verification, we found out that he had a criminal case against him as well.

The candidate has worked in this acquiring company for more than 5 years where he has not undergone background verification. While he was in employment he had access to critical data points which includes financial information. Such critical information is exposed to high risk when we skip BGV for senior profiles. Hence, It is evident from the above that BGV is important at all levels irrespective of the designation.

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