Suspicious employer unearthed through trend analysis

Suspicious employer unearthed through trend analysis

As a part of our background check process, we conduct trend analysis to ascertain how many candidates are joining our client companies from relatively unknown/new employers.

In that process, we came to understand that from one unknown company, people are continuously leaving and joining. Our customer companies in large numbers which has become an eye-opener for us.

On detailed scrutiny we came to know that the profiles of the unknown company are as follows:

  • Paid-up capital is 15 lakhs (which gives an impression that the company might be genuine)
  • The company has been in existence for the past 16 years
  • The company operates on a 2,500 square feet commercial space in a posh locality with an employee strength of around 10.

On the face of it, these points indicate that the company is genuine, however, on further investigation, we found that

  • The company has appointed 4 HR managers which came to light on scrutiny of appointment/relieving letters
  • The company is not registered in EPF
  • In two months 15 employees were relieved from the organization and joined our client companies
  • Employee ID generated is not in sequential order. For example, a candidate who joined in Aug 2018 is given an employee code as 1130, whereas the candidate who joined in Sep 2018 is given an employee code as 883.
  • All relieving letters are signed as “For HR manager HR department”
  • One of the candidates has produced a salary slip for Sep 2018 which says “this is a computer-generated slip, signature not required”, whereas several working days are mentioned as 30 days.

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