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Product Assurance including inventory management, upkeep and visibility is of prime importance for every business, especially for consumer products. It also carries immense financial implications. These factors reiterate the imperative need for comprehensive product audit and assurance services across every point of the value chain - warehouse, distributor and retailer.

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Our Services Include

Warehouse/Depot Audits

  • Stock audit
  • Operations audit
  • Internal audits at branches/depots
  • Fixed assets verification
  • Quality control and consumer safety audit
  • Pre-appointment due diligence on C&F agents

Distributor Audits

  • ROI validation
  • Claims verification
  • Price protection audit
  • Accounts reconciliation
  • Stock and sales validation
  • 360-degree performance review
  • Verification and certification of damage claims
  • Pre-appointment due diligence on distributors

Retail Point Audits

  • Display audits
  • Retail mapping
  • Signage verification
  • Brand availability and visibility
  • Fixed assets verification

Services for
Retail Chains

For this industry, what is required is scalability, credibility, experience and domain knowledge, and at Matrix, we have it all. We render the following services to retail chains covering categories like grocery, lifestyle products, apparels, jewellery, cosmetic clinics and more.

  • Mystery audits
  • Visual merchandising audits
  • Stores internal process reviews
  • Reconciliation of accounts with vendors/suppliers
  • Scheduled and surprise stock audits to control shrinkages

At Matrix, we leverage the use of our proprietary technology audit tool - Audit Pro - to facilitate efficiency, enable a paperless experience end-to-end, and add transparency to the audit process. Audit Pro also ensures accuracy and delivers credibility of verification processes at scale.


Features of Audit Pro

  • Performs audits digitally
  • Eliminates the need of using traditional paper methods for auditing
  • Monitors and tracks process and be in control of business decisions
  • Fosters a culture of continuous improvement
  • Achieves data transparency with a clear audit trail including relevant images
  • Establishes proof of audit and captures auditor details, time in and time out and provides audit controls.

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