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People, Products, Processes are the 3Ps critical for businesses to grow and achieve success. Matrix understands the need for organisations to validate the integrity of their business information/data and human capital not only to mitigate the risks but also to take important business decisions.

With its expertise, experience and Pan-India presence Matrix delivers Business Assurance services, verifying the quality and integrity of the 3Ps of its customers across the country through a unique delivery model.



People Assurance

It is the people who define an organisation. Their integrity impacts the reputation of the enterprise. Are you aware that more than 5% of the resumes are fudged?

Product Assurance

Given the complexity and the risk involved in the front-end supply chain process, are you concurrently monitoring and validating data relating to inventory at every critical point?

Process Assurance

How independent, robust and efficient is your process in handling the various claims flowing from channel partners and markets?