Partner of the Year 2022 awarded by P&G at Cincinnati

Matrix recognised as 'Partner of the Year 2022' by P&G at Cincinnati

Procter & Gamble recognises Matrix Business Services as a 'Partner of the Year 2022'. This recognition was bestowed on us at an award ceremony held on November 10, 2022, in Cincinnati, United States of America.

Partner of the Year 2022 awarded by P&G at Cincinnati

"These companies have been among the very best in delivering sustained and exceptional contributions, and we celebrate them for being integral members of our supply ecosystem", said Ana Elena Marziano, P&G’s Chief Purchasing Officer.

We are among the 11 external business partners (EBPs) chosen from a global network of over 50,000 for the year 2021-22. Being chosen from such a large pool of contenders makes us feel proud of the transformational approach invested into this relationship. This recognition is also a testament to key stakeholders, viz., employees, associates, and other external partners, who have been instrumental in making Matrix an integral part of this growing business association with Proctor & Gamble for over a decade. This is a wonderful acknowledgement of Matrix’s expertise in running an end-to-end business process in such a complex and niche area like Trade Fund Management, that too across several countries.

Partner of the Year 2022 awarded by P&G at Cincinnati

Thank you, Proctor and Gamble. With recognition comes responsibility. As we return to the real world, from the glitzy awards night, it is time for us to continue this winning streak and set newer and higher standards to meet and exceed.

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