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Life @ Matrix

At Matrix, we have a working atmosphere that is always open, transparent and growth oriented. The existence of an open environment encourages our fellow Matricians (that’s how we call our employees) to ideate and deliver across the organization, facilitating free flow of information sharing and knowledge partnering.

Adequate training and continuous domain-related education is provided across the organization enabling people to get assignment ready in the shortest time possible.

We also have “The Matrician”, which is an inhouse knowledge sharing platform that allows every employee to express their professional views which is widely read across the organisation.

Career Opportunities @ Matrix

The right people take the organization in the right direction. We truly believe that acquisition of the right talent is a key process to achieving our business goals.

We look at talent, not just from a short-term perspective, but also from a long-term perspective – where people can be groomed for different roles. We look for people with the right attitude and rigor. For the committed and bright performer, there is no limit to grow within Matrix. Meritocracy is the guiding principle and our recruitment is based on an objective assessment criteria. The recruitment process is thus looked upon as an opportunity to explore the possibility of a mutually beneficial relationship between the individual and the organization.

At Matrix, spotting, inviting and exploring talent is not the sole responsibility of the HR Team, but of line function as well. With this intent, the HR function coaches the line – in terms of identifying recruitment sourcing avenues and competency-based interviewing skills.