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Business Assurance

people assurance

People Assurance – (Employee Background Verification)

It is the people who define an organisation. Their integrity determines the reputation of the organisation in the market.  Most organisations hire employees based on their resumes and interview. A recent market survey with 100 leading companies in India revealed that nearly 5% of resumes of total new hires is fudged. According to HR Managers, the discrepancies include falsification of educational qualifications, work experience, job roles and projects, and inflated compensation figures. A bad hire not only impacts business efficiency, but can have consequences such as theft of intellectual property, leakage of confidential information or misuse of resources. Matrix provides comprehensive Employee Background Verification services to mitigate the above risks.

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Product Assurance – (Audit & Assurance)

pdt assuranceFront end supply chain management is a critical component for companies distributing and selling through channel partners, including FMCG, pharmaceuticals, mobile phones, consumer durables, garments, fashion and accessories etc. This covers right from sourcing raw materials from different suppliers to reaching the finished product to the retail outlets, on time, every time. It is fraught with financial and operational risk including data integrity relating to inventory and inventory management, retail presence and validation of huge amounts of financial claims and market spends. Matrix enables these companies to address these challenges and risks.

For the growing retailing industry, Matrix offers stock audits and helps in assessment and control of shrinkages. Matrix also assists large retailing companies in handling audit of adherence to standard operating practices. Matrix has rich experience handling retailers dealing with garments and clothing, grocery, jewellery, fashion, eateries and luxury products.

Matrix offers Product Assurance services to mitigate the risks, build better processes and controls, enhance transparency and facilitate effective management of channel partners.

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Process Assurance – (Audit & Assurance)

Huge volume of multiple claims flow from channel partners and employees to our customers especially in the FMCG and Consumer durable space periodically. These claims are quite high both in terms of volume and value. Matrix plays a key role in building efficiency in the processing and settlement of these claims thru clear SLAs. This is an important task considering the sensitivity, criticality, turnaround time and materiality in value.

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